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Learn about the people we serve, the companies we help, and why it matters.

Our equity-driven growth model is working and we have the numbers to prove it.

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Map of Unemployment Rate by State

Why it Matters

ICA’s equity-driven job creation model supports the local, high impact entrepreneurs our economy needs…

Doug Stonebreaker

Nose to Tail & Farm to Fork

PRMC delivers a high-quality, delicious product in a way that takes care of the animals and the environment…

Juniper Ridge Products

Natural Luxury

Juniper Ridge makes natural, fragrant products entirely from sustainably-sourced, wild plants…

Oyster Mushrooms

From Waste to Wages

Alejandro Velez & Nikhil Arora have developed a thriving inner city business by looking at waste as raw material…

children in oakland

Putting People First

Ed Support Services provides education and behavior services to people with disabilities in the Bay Area…

Donna Sky


Founded at La Cocina in 2009, Love & Hummus handcrafts the Bay Area’s only local, organic hummus…

Senda in Pakistan

Fair Trade Soccer

Senda Athletics sells fair trade soccer balls and training gear, aiming to use soccer as a tool for development…

Pouring Ghee into jars

A 5000 Year Old Recipe

Ancient Organics makes ghee using Straus Organic butter and in accordance with ancient Vedic traditions…

Pablo from Juniper Ridge

How to Create Good Jobs

ICA’s equity-driven growth model is designed to help businesses attract new customers, increase revenue…